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Please Contact Us on Facebook, InstagramPinterestTwitter or Email before Choosing this Payment Option.

Cash On Delivery (C.O.D) is available for some countries; provided we have a representative in that country.  You would have to pay half of the total sum of purchase upfront to our representative and the other half upon receiving the item(s). Your products will be handed over to you ONLY AFTER payment of the specified cash balance in the currency of your recipient country. After our representative contacts you about the arrival of your items, you would have a maximum of one (1) week to complete the payment.  Kindly verify your order, and make cash payment as agreed (as mentioned on order invoice or shipping label) when the delivery agent arrives at your doorstep with your order.

Failure to comply would lead to a breach of terms and your product(s) would be returned WITHOUT a refund.

After you must have contacted us to opt for 'Cash On Delivery' as your payment method, please choose Cash On Delivery as the Payment Method for your order during the checkout process. Pay half of the sum total to the representative as agreed and wait for confirmation of shipment and an estimated timeframe of delivery; within three (3) business days.  

The Applicable Exchange Rate only applies at the time of purchase and may change for future purchases.

Dee SuSu reserves the right to make changes to Cash on Delivery, our policies, and these terms and conditions at any time.